My interdisciplinary visual and written work explores cycles, transitions, and ephemerality, and how those elements affect emotional relationships and dependencies. My artwork often deals with the difficulty of processing change and uncertainties, whether that be concerning loss or a questioning of identity.

I am inspired by simple day-to-day observations of natural phenomena. I examine the everyday world closely, searching for fleeting moments that often get overlooked in the mundane rush of everyday life. I attempt to find parallels between the unnoticed details of daily life and the major philosophical questions that we face as sentient beings.

My visual voice is abstract, and takes various forms, including photography, digital prints, mixed media paintings, sculpture, and installation. My written voice is descriptive and often autobiographical, and takes the form of poetry or story- poems. In my current work, I combine my writing, visual imagery, and found objects in order to create layers of meaning through juxtaposition. This marriage of text and visuals offers an alternative concept to either the text or visuals alone. The visuals generate an initial emotional response, while the ghostly text prompts a deeper concept to emerge.

My work often possesses a bittersweet sentiment, which reflects my view on life. The beauty of life lies in its complexity; beauty can be found in the grotesque, happiness in the sadness, bitter in the sweet. I process the struggles and wonders of my life in a humanistic way through the creation of my art, and intend that my audience may relate my cathartic work to their own lives.